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We know the date of Shane Pinto’s return to the game
Shane Pinto was suspended earlier this season for gambling against the NHL code.

The Senators forward was forced to miss the first 41 games of his team’s campaign, a severe punishment in one sense, but also deserved because he skirted league rules.

The American was back at training this morning, and it was clear from the outset just how happy he was.

He told reporters on the spot that he has gained a lot of maturity in recent months and that the experience has allowed him to grow as a human being.

The suspension broke his heart because he loves the game and has worked hard to get where he is today:

We didn’t necessarily know what the Senators’ plan was for him, but Jacques Martin was quite clear on the subject this morning after his team’s training session.

As soon as Pinto is eligible to return to action on January 21, he will be inserted into the Ottawa lineup.

The Senators will face the Flyers on that occasion.

Remember, however, that Steve Staios will have to offer him a contract, as Pinto currently has no agreement with the club.

Shane Pinto’s return to the line-up won’t change anything in Ottawa, however.

The Senators are having a horrific season: the club has collected just 28 points in its first 37 games of the campaign and that’s a real catastrophe, because we really thought we’d reached the next level in Ottawa.

On paper, everyone knows the club has what it takes to win. The Sens are full of talented players, both on defence and attack…

It’s true that they’re struggling in front of the net, but that doesn’t explain why they’re sitting in 30th place in the NHL at the time of writing. It really doesn’t.

It’s going to take a miracle to change that trend, because right now, nothing seems to be working…

And it’s hard to believe that that miracle is Shane Pinto.

At some point, it’s up to the players to stand up and lead by example.

In gusto

– I guess John Tortorella was off today! 😂

– Absolutely.

– Ouch.

– Justin Faulk is ready to return to action in St. Louis.

– Did they?

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