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Flyers fans temporarily denied access to Cutter Gauthier college game
The Cutter Gauthier affair will continue to be the talk of the town. After all, the youngster is a diva and got himself out of Philadelphia.

The result: he was traded to the Anaheim Ducks for Jamie Drysdale and a second-round pick.

Earlier in the evening, Gauthier’s team, Boston College, played its first game since the trade.

Fans wearing Flyers gear were briefly turned away from the arena.

These fans were intercepted by security, who eventually let them through.

They were initially turned away because they had a sign that read “The Flyers don’t need you”.

I guess freedom of expression was set aside for a few minutes… After all, it’s not as if it was anything foolish or vulgar written on the sign.

Gauthier’s reaction? He scored a goal under their watchful eyes:

These Flyers fans, presumably frustrated, still paid to see the youngster play.

The in-house announcer even made a point of reminding people not to throw objects on the rink.

The crowd favorites defeated Providence 7-1. Gauthier finished with a goal, an assist and two shots on goal.

Meanwhile, Drysdale has six points in 11 NHL games this season, one in as many games with the Flyers.

Breaking news

– Rocket victory.

– He’s back.

– Good.

– This would be quite a catch.

– Attention interested parties.

– He’s quite an artist, this one.

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