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Cutter Gauthier warned us it wouldn’t go well with the Flyers
Last night, the Philadelphia Flyers took the hockey world by surprise when they announced that the rights to prospect Cutter Gauthier had been traded to the Ducks. In return? Jamie Drysdale and a second-round pick.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have that on my bingo card to start 2024.

Quickly, I wondered if Gauthier’s refusal to show up at the Flyers’ 2023 rookie camp had anything to do with it. After all, the Flyers had been blindsided.

And obviously, yes, there was a connection, since we learned that Gauthier, in fact, wanted nothing to do with playing for the Flyers. Several journalists mentioned this when the deal was announced…

Even Daniel Brière later confirmed that he had changed his mind a few months after being drafted by the Flyers.

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It’s a sudden turn of events for the public eye, obviously. We don’t know if the Flyers did anything to change his mind like this or if Gauthier is simply a princess who lacks class, but here we are.

That said, we can’t say he never warned us, who said (jokingly?), following his draft, that he grew up a Penguins fan and that being drafted by the Flyers wasn’t going to end well…

In order not to lose his rights for nothing, Daniel Brière secretly managed to trade hope. It’s amazing how no one talked about it publicly, even though some twenty teams were in the mix.

Could Brière have traded Gauthier for a forward? Yes, of course he could have.

But at the same time, he believed so strongly in Drysdale’s potential that he may have thought that one day he’d use the defensive depth of his prospect bank to go after a talented youngster in another way.

And as Brière also said, trading a guy the club seemed to see on the wing for a player who plays a premium position (center or defenseman, ideally right-handed) is an advancement for the Flyers. That’s understandable.

Having said that, what strikes me most about the case is how openly everyone in Philadelphia is cursing the Ducks’ young prospect. I don’t blame them, though.

It starts at the top of the pyramid, whether it’s boss Dan Hilferty or president Keith Jones. Both men said that if Gauthier didn’t want to be in Philly, he wouldn’t be there. Quite simply.

I put myself in Jones’ shoes and I understand him. After all, he went all the way to Sweden to meet him on the sidelines of the World Junior Championship and the kid refused to talk to him.

What a lack of class from a spoiled baby.

Daniel Brière may have been a little more measured in mentioning that he didn’t want the situation to become public in order to protect Gauthier should the prospect change his mind, but you can sense that the Quebecer isn’t exactly happy with the situation either. And once again, that’s understandable.

John Tortorella also added, saying he doesn’t want Gauthier if he doesn’t want to be in Philly. The coach added that he wanted to talk about Drysdale, who is being added to his defensive brigade, and not about Gauthier.

Philly fans obviously added to the excitement. On social networks, numerous glowing comments were posted against the man who ultimately denied the Flyers. He’s so going to be booed loudly at his first game in Philly

And then, the players did too.

In particular, Travis Sanheim mentioned that the players had taken note of his absence from the 2023 Rookie Camp and that if the American didn’t want to be in the Flyers organization, he might as well be elsewhere.

I’ll save you some time: all over Philadelphia, seeing Gauthier leave was applauded. Maximizing the return against a player who had become undesirable is considered a good move with a little hindsight.

It reminds me a little of the Eric Lindros situation, but in reverse – and not as big, obviously. And let’s not forget that it wasn’t the Flyers who won that deal…

It’s also worth noting that, if Gauthier does have that attitude, the Habs were right to pass. Instead of a winger with that kind of attitude, the Habs are better off using their surplus of defensemen in other ways on the trade market. #PremiumPosition

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