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Kent Hughes: goal is to finish the season with two goalkeepers in Montreal
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Since the start of the season, the Canadiens have had to manage with three goalkeepers in their line-up. Samuel Montembeault is undoubtedly carving out a position as number one, and this could put an end to the three-man household in front of the net.

Speaking on RDS’s L’Antichambre on Monday evening, Kent Hughes was asked if he planned to keep three goaltenders in Montreal by the end of the season, to which he replied that he didn’t, but that it remained a possibility.

He then took the time to explain that the main objective is really to finish with only two goalkeepers, but that we need to find the right way to get there.

One thing’s for sure, it’s certainly not Samuel Montembeault who’s going to make the move.

“We wouldn’t have signed Sam if we wanted to trade him!” – Kent Hughes, laughing

The goal was to sign Samuel Montembeault at the start of the season. The ménage à trois was in place in case the team wasn’t able to reach an agreement with the Quebecer. Now that it’s done, Kent Hughes will have to make a move.

Except that moving doesn’t seem too pressing for Hughes. He explained that there hasn’t yet been a deal for a goalie in the NHL and that it would happen eventually. When it does, it’ll still have to be with the Habs.

But Kent Hughes is very happy to see the reaction of the other two goalies, Jake Allen and Cayden Primeau. According to him, both are taking the situation very well and are patient in this very unusual process.

Happy problems

Kent Hughes was also quick to mention Jayden Struble, who is off to a surprisingly good start in the NHL. He’s so good, he’s forcing the Habs’ hand and preventing the recall of other players like Arber Xhekaj, even though he excels in the AHL.

But the Canadiens’ general manager would rather have more options than not enough.

And for those interested, when asked about the playoffs, Kent Hughes said the goal would be to make the playoffs as early as next season. Now that’s something to smile about.

In bursts

– Montembeault missed the Canadiens’ game against the Panthers on TV.

– And with good reason.

– Now that’s funny!

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– He’s excellent right now.

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