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Patrick Huard is fed up with l’Antichambre and « shots de fourche »

L’Antichambre has been on the air for ages. The format has changed very little, since the bosses obviously don’t want to change a formula that’s working right now.

But has the show changed? Not exactly, no.

And Patrick Huard has noticed. The sports fan told Mike Ward’s podcast Sous Écoute that he could no longer listen to L’Antichambre. And for several different reasons.

As reported by Habsolument Fan, it all started when Normand Brathwaite told Patrick Huard that he looked like someone who worked at RDS. And that opened the floodgates.

Huard mentioned this:

If I worked at RDS, there’d be a shot of my fork right now, and I’d have suits that don’t look good on me. – Patrick Huard

He then wonders if he’s the only one who watches L’Antichambre and wonders how necessary pocket shots really are. He asks to raise the cameras so he can see higher up.

He added this:

If they don’t have a Stanley Cup ring, they want you to see the package. – Patrick Huard

But in addition to the container, he’s also fed up with the content. He’s tired of hearing the classic “Sure listen, 110%, the guys are working hard…” during the show’s presentation.

And that’s when Brathwaite added that there wasn’t enough diversity at RDS.

Because pocket shots, we’re hot. – Normand Brathwaite

Patrick Huard, a sports fan who starred in Les Boys, is clearly only a phone call away from being the next regular panelist on L’Antichambre.

Do you agree with him? Do you think the show could benefit from a bit more renewal, or are you happy with the current format?


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