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Winter Classic: a magnificent prize for the most valuable player

This year’s New Year’s Day Winter Classic will be particularly interesting.

Why? Because the league’s two newest franchises will face off in Seattle.

The Golden Knights and the Kraken will battle it out for the title of “Best New Team”.

Another interesting feature of this match is that it won’t necessarily be outdoors.

In fact, the game will take place at T-Mobile Arena Park. The Seattle Mariners’ stadium is, a priori, closed, but weather permitting, the roof could open.

A Winter Classic that’s not very wintery, then. At least the quality of the rink will be impeccable.

This year’s Most Valuable Player will win a very special prize. This year’s Most Valuable Player will win a very special prize: the Cacao Cup, which represents the cold outside and the need for a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm up.

Again, it’s a bit ironic with a roof over the stadium, but still, I like the idea.

And what’s more, the trophy is beautiful!

This trophy will be presented at every Winter Classic from now on.

Nice concept.

In a gust

– He’s right.

– Read more.

– Maybe.

– Too bad.

– No Finns from the Habs.

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