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Out of options, a Coyotes prospect will play in the Canadian university circuit
When we think of leagues for the development of a high-level prospect, we think of the Canadian junior leagues, the NCAA, or even the European leagues. At the bottom of the list, and probably forgotten by everyone, are Canadian universities, which offer lesser-known field hockey players the chance to play at a high level.

Yet it’s in the USports circuit that Artyom Duda will continue his development. Out of options, he will play for Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly known as Ryerson University.

Duda isn’t a bad prospect. He was selected 36th overall in the 2022 draft by the Arizona Coyotes, and since then, his story has been quite rocky.

Last season, the defenseman played 14 games with CSKA Moscow in the KHL. He collected 3 points while maintaining a +3 differential. So far, so good, but it was this year that things got complicated.

In June, he agreed with the University of Maine to make the jump to the NCAA this year. However, due to his games played at the professional level, he was technically ineligible.

The university appealed this situation and, in the meantime, Duda even completed courses. However, the axe has fallen and, as Ben Steiner reports, the prospect will have no choice but to play in Toronto.

The Canadian Hockey League was never an option for the Russian prospect because he was never drafted.

There are two consolations for Duda, the first being that his team will be hosting the Canadian championship, and will therefore have the chance to play in it. Secondly, his former team-mate Daniil Grigroev, with whom he played at the Youth Olympic Games, plays for TMU, which should help him adapt.

If Duda ever plays in the NHL, his story will be one of the strangest and most fascinating, there’s no doubt about it.

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