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Grant McCagg surprised not to see David Reinbacher in Laval this year

Some fans, if not many, still believe that the Montreal Canadiens should not have selected David Reinbacher in the 5ᵉ spot of the last draft.

With a crop well stocked with attacking talent, and despite a lack of punch at that level, the Tricolore decided to pick the best defenseman in the draft.

I myself was one of the skeptics of the Tricolore’s choice, but with the benefit of hindsight, I realize that the Habs picked a defensive gem.

Although the Austrian isn’t known for his offensive contribution, he’s doing great things for HC Kloten offensively, but above all, he excels defensively.

He’s also very mobile, always well placed and seems to opt for simple, effective play, rather than impressive, but risky play.

In short, his presence is very important for his club in Swiss-A, but would Reinbacher be ready to play pro in North America?

On the Sick Podcast, Grant McCagg announced that he strongly expects the number 64 to join the Laval Rocket at the end of his season in Switzerland.

He even says he’d be surprised if he didn’t join the team at the end of the season.

I couldn’t agree more with McCagg.

His reliability, mobility and excellent defensive play can only help the Rocket make the playoffs.

We’ll have to wait until the end of HC Kloten’s season to see where the Rocket stand in terms of the playoffs.

If Jean-François Houle’s troupe finds itself in a position to fight for a playoff spot, the Habs management won’t hesitate to send him in as a backup.

This season, in 16 games, Reinbacher has 6 points. However, bearing in mind that HC Kloten have changed coaches, he is playing an average of four minutes less per game.

It’s a considerable difference, but one that seems to be paying off in the Austrian’s case.

He looks less exhausted than when he played over 21 minutes a game, and he’s playing much better.

As a result, he’s learning to be more effective when he’s present, and he’s cheating less too.

Should we send Reinbacher to Laval after his season with Kloten?

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