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Hockey: first victory for an African team in Olympic qualifiers
In recent years, the international hockey scene has witnessed a number of neglected teams. Just think of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who warmed up Canada at the last World Junior Championship, or the Latvians, who always put in a good show at the World Senior Championships.

But it’s hard to beat what South Africa has just achieved in the second round of qualifying for the 2026 Olympic Games in Milan.

The African team overcame Bulgaria 5-1 to record the first victory for a country from this continent at this pre-Olympic tournament.

It’s huge!

Even if South Africa doesn’t go all the way, it’s a great step forward for a part of the world where neither the climate nor the financial resources are conducive to hockey. Estonia, who finished top of Group K, will go through to the next round.

The short video shows the joy the moment brings to the players. It’s a very special and unusual moment.

Kenya was a pioneer of hockey in Africa with its national team, the Ice Lions. A Canadian, Tim Colby, is in charge of this program and has enabled the players to learn the sport.

They dream of the Olympic Games and the possibility of seeing the first African player drafted into the NHL.

In 2018, Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon made the trip to attend the first game in the program’s history and even donned their uniforms for the occasion.

It was an eye-opening experience for many. Since then, progress has continued and today the continent has taken another step forward.

Hockey can only benefit from stories like this. We often talk, and rightly so, about the problems of certain teams, be they coaches, players or fans. This story contrasts with that, and is a fine example of how hockey really can be for everyone.


– Wow!

– Things aren’t going well in Chicago.

– Will he jeopardize his health?

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