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Arpon Basu wonders if Sidney Crosby will finish his career in Pittsburgh

Sidney Crosby may be 36, but he’s still an impact player in the National League.

He’s (still) producing at a rate of over 80 points per season, which is impressive at his age.

But the Penguins captain’s brilliance doesn’t mean his team can be dominant this season. The Penguins are aging, and it’s showing: the team is currently in second-to-last place in the Metropolitan Division, with a 12-12-3 record after 27 games.

If this trend continues, the team will miss the playoffs for the second year in a row.

Crosby’s contract expires at the end of next season (24-25), and he will be as free as a bird in the summer of 2025.

We all know how much he has the Penguins logo tattooed on his heart, but Arpon Basu believes that the veteran might think about playing elsewhere, if he wants the chance to win another Stanley Cup and the Penguins aren’t ready to offer him that chance:

You have to think about it. Especially if they don’t make the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if these ideas start circulating in Sidney Crosby’s head. – Arpon Basu

Sure, seeing Crosby in an Avalanche jersey, like, would be weird.

But as Arpon Basu pointed out in his column on BPM Sports, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen an NHL (or other major sports) legend use this strategy.

Martin Brodeur ended his career in St. Louis, in a Blues uniform…

Henrik Lundqvist signed a contract with the Capitals, before retiring…

Tom Brady left the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…

You get the idea.

On the other side of the coin, it was Sidney Crosby who pushed hard this summer for Kyle Dubas to trade for the services of Erik Karlsson. It would be a shame for Dubas if Crosby decided to leave the organization…

But that’s part of the game.

It’ll be something to follow with interest, because Sidney Crosby… He’s Sidney Crosby, we agree.

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