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Owen Beck: 13 minutes of experience worth its weight in gold
Last year, Owen Beck became the first player in history to be urgently recalled not only to Team Canada Junior, but also to the NHL. Big year, you say?

Last year, he replaced Colton Dach, who was injured… and the CH needed him because of the hecatomb.

But this year, we suspect he won’t have the chance to pull off the feat. After all, the Habs don’t call up emergency players every year… but more importantly, he should break into the Team Canada junior line-up on the first try.

Not only is he a big 19-year-old NHL prospect who’s playing well in the OHL, but he’s also the veteran at camp.

In fact, right now, he’s the only player in Canada’s camp who has played CMJ games in the past. And as has been established, he was there on an emergency basis.

His three games and 13 minutes (in total) represent the only camp experience among the players, as JdeQ’s Kevin Dubé reminds us.

Since he’s the only one with experience on the club and the Canadiens won the tournament last year, is Beck’s experience worth its weight in gold? Hehe...

(Flat) joke aside, it’s clear that his bosses will want to take advantage of it. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised to see him get a letter on his jersey for the tournament.

Beck will still have a good team at his side. We’re seeing it with the camp taking off in Ontario, but the 30 guys here have great potential – despite the lack of experience.

Macklin Celebrini, whom Beck thinks is a good player (obviously), will obviously have an important role in the team. Despite his young age.

So it’ll be up to Beck to lure him to Montreal and make sure the guys are comfortable. He knows – in part – what it takes to win in a tournament like this, and he’ll have to lead the way.

And that experience is good for the CH. No?

In gusto

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