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Anthony Marcotte criticizes Joshua Roy’s effort (again)

Joshua Roy got off to a good start in the American League, but it’s been tougher in recent games.

No. I’m starting again. It’s been extremely difficult over the last few games.

The Quebecer has been blanked from the scoresheet in his last seven games… And he’s got a -13 differential in that span.

Wow. Let’s just say that the CH hopeful finds himself in a slump.

We know he has the talent to succeed, but it’s (still) his work ethic that needs improvement. Roy is excellent when he wants to play…

And at the other extreme, he can be useless to his club, as was the case last night against the Belleville Senators. Anthony Marcotte was quick to criticize the youngster’s effort today on BPM Sports:

I can’t excuse it. When you don’t work, you won’t get results and you won’t play in the NHL. I’m going to be tough on a guy we know has potential. – Anthony Marcotte

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Anthony Marcotte talk about his lack of effort.

A few days ago, Renaud Lavoie said that it was perhaps Roy’s lack of maturity that cost him a recall to the Habs.

We’ve seen what he’s capable of when he wants to give it his all: Roy was the AHL’s top scorer at one point, but this is his first season in the pros.

You can’t learn that. But the effort he puts in night after night can be taught.

It’s worth noting that this morning at training, the kid worked with Glen Tucker, the shooting specialist who was called in to give the Canadiens players a few tips earlier this week.

He’s working hard to improve, but Jean-François Houle needs to have a chat with his colt to make him understand things.

Because it’s starting to get a bit worrying.

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