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Jacques Martin hired by Ottawa Senators to “keep an eye” on DJ Smith

We’re all wondering when the Ottawa Senators are going to put DJ Smith out of his misery. After all, the club’s coach is out of his league and it’s time to move on.

But instead, the Sens have given him a veteran to “watch over” as Jacques Martin is now an advisor to the Ottawa Senators coaching staff.

DJ Smith is keeping his job for the time being.

The former Canadiens coach hails from Ottawa and was a long-time Sens coach. He returns home in a role tailor-made to support/monitor the club’s coach . Is the plan to bring Martin back behind the bench one day? No idea.

One wonders what this means for Patrick Roy, ultimately. That said, it’s hard to conclude anything until the Sens name a GM.

Because yes, it’s been confirmed that Steve Staios will hire a GM in order to have a formula like the Habs.

I really think the fact that no GM is in place explains why Smith still has a job. It’s hard to change coaches when there’s no stability at the top of the pyramid.

Will Jacques Martin, with his wealth of experience, allow his team to buy time? Perhaps, yes.

Details to follow…

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