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Justin Barron’s progress: robots confirm Kent Hughes’ statements

Last Saturday, Kent Hughes appeared before the media to talk about Samuel Montembeault’s new contract. Montembeault has signed a fine contract for himself and the club.

But of course, this wasn’t the only topic the GM was asked about.

One of the topics that came up again was progression. Yes, progression in the standings is important… but so is youth development.

And on this subject, the GM was quick to point out that Justin Barron is one of the youngsters whose progression is flagrant this season.

It’s true that for a guy who didn’t play the first few games of the season, he’s grown in confidence. Right now, given the circumstances, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to take him out of the top-4.

And Hughes isn’t the only one to notice. In a TVA Sports text, published by Jessica Lapinski, we learn that Sportlogiq robots have also determined that Barron is the most improved player this season (compared to last year) in Montreal.

This confirms the test of the DG’s eye, but also of the Canadiens’ fans.

According to the statistics firm, out of 11 categories used to judge a defenseman, Barron improved in… 11 categories. So, quite simply, he’s a better player than last year.

These categories include offensive zone passing, blocked shots and one-on-one battles.

The Canadiens’ defenseman has five goals (and three assists) in 22 games. He has therefore doubled his career goal production and is one of the defensemen who are helping the CH not look too bad in terms of goals this season.

Among defensemen, Kaiden Guhle also improved seven out of 11 facets of his game. Arber Xhekaj (5), who is now a member of the Rocket, and Jordan Harris (4), are showing a bit of paw.

Among the forwards, Juraj Slafkovsky (11 in 12) tops the list.

In gusto

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