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Celebrating Jake Walman: the Red Wings dressing room had mixed feelings
Last night, despite a fine comeback, the Montreal Canadiens lost 5-4 to the Detroit Red Wings in overtime.

It was a shame for the Tricolore, who had shown the character to come back from a 3-0 deficit.

What’s even more unfortunate is that we weren’t treated to the spectacle we usually expect when the game goes into overtime.

Indeed, the trio of Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield and Mike Matheson didn’t even touch the puck in overtime.

The Red Wings controlled the puck for almost a minute before Jake Walman scored the winner.

Obviously, I was frustrated with the turn of events when the puck went through Jake Allen, but as soon as I saw Walman’s celebration, I smiled and calmed down.

Yes, yes, I’m one of those who liked Walman’s celebration.

However, I’m well aware that many fans don’t share my opinion and that their frustration after the goal increased when they saw Walman’s celebration.

So there’s room for debate about this Walman celebration, as some find it cool and fun, while others find it ridiculous, humiliating and disrespectful.

And it’s worth noting that this difference of opinion isn’t only present among CH fans in the aftermath of this defeat.

David Perron said the Red Wings dressing room was a mixed bag.

Understandably, not all old-school players were in favor of Walman’s celebration.

So, even internally, there’s debate, as was the case with Michael Pezzetta’s Tiger Williams-style celebration in Buffalo, when he scored the winning shootout goal against the Sabres.

So, unfortunately, hockey is still too conservative, in my opinion.

In football and basketball, among others, this kind of “arrogant” celebration is, one, very frequent, and two, practically always revered and greatly appreciated.

In hockey, it happens once, and it’s a disaster.

It’s a shame.

In any case, what’s certain is that Walman couldn’t care less about the criticism, as this was the second time he’d performed this celebration after a winning goal in overtime.

He did it last season against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In short, the overly conservative side of hockey is a debate that’s still alive and well in the NHL, and Walman revived it last night with his celebration.

In a Squall

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