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Roberto Luongo has always known that Samuel Montembeault has the talent to be a #1 goalkeeper.

At the moment, the Canadien’s three goaltenders are the talk of the town. The recipe of a baseball-style rotation (guys taking turns) is currently being used… for better or for worse.

Is it ideal? No. But is it a necessary evil? Yes.

The more time goes by, the more we realize that the first step in resolving the issue may well be to get Samuel Montembeault to sign a contract extension.

Why? Because that would ensure that, in the event of a transaction, the Habs would have two guys at the next training camp. When I say two guys, I mean the two who wouldn’t be traded by the club.

Signing Montembeault would also give the CH the opportunity, if it so chooses, to send Jake Allen to Laval. After all, if you send the veteran down without Monty being signed, you give him power in negotiations.

And you don’t want that.

But hey. Do you know what’s crazy about this? It lends weight to the arguments of those who say you have to be patient with young goalies – including Cayden Primeau.

After all, we can see that the Habs would no doubt like to maximize the value of Charlie Lindgren, who has been rolling along nicely lately. And when I say good, I mean… very good.

Because yes, Montembeault has been in this situation before. The Panthers sent him to the waivers and the CH took the opportunity to claim him because of Carey Price’s absence.

And now he’s the goalie Roberto Luongo always thought he could become: a good NHL goalie. Katherine Harvey-Pinard of La Presse reports.

The goalie, who played with Montembeault and became his boss by taking a job in the Panthers’ front office afterwards, knows the Quebecer is talented. He says he was disappointed to see the Panthers lose him to the waivers in 2021.

And now, he’s happy to see him stand up, because he says he’s glad the CH gave him a chance – and that Montembeault took it.

In his eyes, the fact that he’s matured changes a lot of things. The hockey legend, who is currently in Montreal on the sidelines of the Panthers’ visit to Quebec, knows that NHL experience helps a lot.

And when the talent is there…

He’s got the talent. He certainly has the talent. That’s never been a question for the rest of us. – Roberto Luongo on Samuel Montembeault

The next step, according to Luongo? Montembeault will have to prove he can be a #1 goalie in the NHL. It would help if he played more than one game in three, but hey.

And as for the Panthers, maybe it’s a good idea to stop passing on good Quebec goaltenders… #DevonLevi


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