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Kristopher Letang takes out his rage on Peyton Krebs during a scrum
As we all know, professional hockey can get pretty rough.

Certain players have a very specific role when tempers flare, but there are times when talented players get angry, even if they’re not known for playing physical.

We saw it during a preseason game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres, when Sidney Crosby threw down the gloves to defend his long-time teammate, Kristopher Letang.

Letang had received an underhand blow from the young Sabres forward, and the captain didn’t hesitate to protect Letang.

The Quebecer proved he has a long memory.

During a scrum between the Penguins and Sabres on Friday, Letang took the opportunity to check on Krebs , and he didn’t go easy on him.

Watch the clip below.

Following the altercation, Krebs and Letang exchanged a few words that didn’t seem very sweet.

The Buffalo forward didn’t seem to appreciate Letang’s gesture at all, specifically the punch from #58 when both players were already on the ground.

Looking at the footage properly, you might even think Letang could have earned himself a game misconduct.

Some would even say he could be fined or even suspended in the next few days because of that hit.

I understand the emotion on the Quebecer’s side, but this is not the kind of gesture we want to see in the NHL.

It couldn’t have been good.

Peyton Krebs is off to a slow start this season, with just one assist in 17 games.

It seems that Josh Anderson isn’t the only one in the boat, as he still hasn’t found the back of the net this season.

In the end, it was the Buffalo Sabres who came out on top, 3-2.

It was the first time Buffalo had closed a third-period gap to win a game, having trailed 2-0.

The Sabres now find themselves with a .500 record (9-9-2), while the Pens are now under .500 (9-10-0).

It’s easy to understand Letang’s frustration with this sequence. With a season like this, it must be demoralizing.

In bursts

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– The Quebecer faces a fine for wearing his helmet paying tribute to his Amerindian heritage.

– Second franchise defenseman to reach this plateau so quickly, since none other than Phil Housley. Not bad at all.

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