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Matvei Michkov: best points-per-game average for a U20 in the KHL
To dominate in the KHL, you have to be good.

To produce at a rate of almost a point a game at just 18 years of age is even more incredible.

If he had stayed with SKA St-Petersburg, he wouldn’t have had those stats, because he didn’t have the ideal playing time at all.

On loan to HC Sochi for the second year running, 7th overall draft pick Matvei Michkov continues to silence his critics.

This season, the Russian has collected 24 points, including 11 goals, in 25 games with Sochi.

He’s a long way from veteran Nikolai Goldobin’s 46 points in 32 games, but the fact that he hasn’t even turned 19 yet makes it all exceptional.

Last year, in his draft year, he had better stats than a certain Alex Ovechkin had in 2004.

Of course, Mishkov doesn’t haveOvi’s frame, but his scoring ability is undeniable.

Michkov is on track to have the best points-per-game average for an under-20-year-old in the KHL.

Currently, in his KHL career, Michkov has 49 points in 69 games, good for a 0.71 average.

That puts him at the top of the list for players who played at least 50 games before turning 20.

Second on the list? None other than Evgeni Malkin, the Philadelphia Flyers’ loyal rival since his arrival in the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The list includes former Montreal Canadiens player Sergei Samsonov (0.66 points per game).

I must say, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that name.

Evgeny Kuznetsov (0.63 points per game) is also a recognizable name.

In short, Michkov is among some excellent players, and we can expect nothing less than excellence, as Martin Matte would say.

It should be pointed out that nothing is set in stone, as every other game he plays in the KHL between now and December 9, 2024 will count.

I say December 9, 2024, since that day will be the young Russian’s twentieth birthday, but there’s a good chance he’ll be in the Flyers line-up next year.

So if he slows down his pace in the coming year, which would be surprising, he could lower his average below that of Malkin.

Nevertheless, Mishkov has what it takes not only to stay at the top of the league, but also to eclipse Malkin’s record.

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