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Montreal Flames: Jonathan Huberdeau on the third trio in training

Jonathan Huberdeau had a bad first season in Calgary. We thought the shock of being traded from the Panthers to the Flames and playing for an old-school modern coach had affected him last year…

But now, despite the change of coach, it’s clear that Huberdeau has lost his way. He was recently benched for the entire third period of a game, which is a strong gesture.

According to Gilbert Delorme, his lack of effort is to blame. But in reality, whatever the reason, it’s time for him to get up and get his act together.

At $10.5 million for nearly eight more years, he’s got to deliver the goods.

All this to say that this morning, during the Flames’ training session at the Bell Centre (the club will play the Habs on Tuesday night), the Quebecer skated on the third line.

This must be an important message that the Flames and coach Ryan Huska are trying to get across to him.

Obviously, having a guy who earns so much money outside the top-6 isn’t exactly a plan the Flames had in mind. We can all agree with that.

That said, the Flames still intend to play him alongside Mikael Backlund, a center who has a reputation for getting the best out of his trio mates.

He’s a veteran of over 900 NHL games (all in Calgary) and plays simple hockey, according to Jonathan Huberdeau.

Blake Coleman, who should complete the trio if the lines remain the same tomorrow night, is another player who is currently playing good hockey in the eyes of the Quebec hockey player.

So it could be worse, but…

But Huberdeau still has to get the message. He’s no fool and he knows he has to give more, but a gesture like this is there to remind him of the importance of what comes next.

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