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Canadian woes: Maple Leafs have the same record as the Habs

Hockey in Canada is in a bad way. So is Hockey Canada, for that matter, but that’s not the subject of my column. #Scandals

When you look at all seven teams in the country, you can find some negatives. Even with the Vancouver Canucks, who are doing very well on the ice. Have you seen what their former president had to say?

The Calgary Flames are finding it hard to get wins and keep Jonathan Huberdeau rolling in what has been a difficult start to the season for the Alberta outfit.

Speaking of Alberta teams in trouble: the Oilers. In general. #EnoughSaid

The Ottawa Senators are embroiled in controversy. The Winnipeg Jets are unable to attract fans to town. The CH is clearly still rebuilding.

Right now, does the hope of bringing the Stanley Cup back to Canada really rest on the shoulders of the Toronto Maple Leafs, that great playoff club? It would appear so. And that’s not a good sign.

What’s crazy is that the club currently has as many points as the CH. Both clubs have a 6-5-2 record in 13 games, which is the equivalent of 14 points in the standings.

In Toronto, that’s not enough. And as we all know, problems can’t be solved by a magic transaction…

The off-season signings (including Ryan Reaves) aren’t delivering the goods. The club’s defense, which is not good year after year, is even worse this year.

P.K. Subban isn’t impressed by what he sees, anyway. In his eyes, the club is wasting good years.

Toronto is talking about protecting John Klingberg. And while we understand that he’s injured(he won’t play tonight, by the way), we can see the absurdity of protecting a free agent who signed at a good price to fix problems.

Only in Toronto.

One might think, as Mathias Brunet points out, that the problem comes from the top. Is the Shanaplan, which includes 13 GMs by the dozen, working? I think we all know the answer. The answer is: no.

The club has just hired a new GM… but results are expected soon.

In gusts

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