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Primeau and the run-off: the interest of other formations is still there (according to Renaud Lavoie)

We’re all wondering what the future holds for Cayden Primeau, and everyone knows the story with the goalie. He’s a bit handcuffed behind Samuel Montembeault and Jake Allen at the moment, which isn’t ideal for his development.

The Habs decided to keep him with the big club for fear of losing him to the lottery… And interest in his services is still rife throughout the league, according to Renaud Lavoie earlier today on the Jean-Charles Lajoie show :

Several teams are looking at this situation and saying to themselves: if Cayden Primeau goes to the ballot, it’ll be our time to go get him. – Renaud Lavoie

The journalist talks about the Devils, Ducks and Blues as clubs to watch if Primeau is ever put in the running… Three teams that could be interested in improving their second goaltending position.

Akira Schmidt (New Jersey), Lucas Dostal, Alex Stalock (Anaheim) and Joel Hofer (St. Louis) serve as backup goaltenders for their respective teams.

Hofer, Schmidt and Dostal are three young men who may need a little extra time in the AHL… But it’s the same story with Cayden Primeau.

The American is playing tonight against the Devils… If the Devils are indeed interested, has Primeau been sent into the fray (against them) to showcase him?

That said, I don’t see why the Devils would be interested in Primeau’s services because the team is aiming for top honours this year. Do the Devils really have the luxury of having Primeau as their second goaltender, given that the young man has never proven himself in the National League?

That’s for you to decide.

But for both the Blues and the Ducks, it may make sense because they have nothing to lose this season. They’re not expected to make the playoffs, and if they want to take a chance on a goalie who looked very promising a few years ago, it wouldn’t cost much.

All in all, the Habs will have to make a decision soon, because the situation can’t go on. At least, not for the sake of the young goalie’s development.

In short

– He’s right, in a way.

– They’re comical.

– Unusual statistic.

– Whew. Things aren’t going well with the Montreal CF. Good thing the season’s over.

– Nice. They’ll need to be in shape for the first game of the playoffs.

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