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EXCLUSIVE! Matko Miljevic suspended for life from Laval amateur soccer league
Two years ago, almost to the day, Montreal CF acquired Matko Miljevic. A transfer worth hundreds of thousands of dollars which, in the eyes of some, may have solved our offensive creation problem.

But two years on, we’re still waiting for the Argentine midfielder to blossom. Miljevic hasn’t even played 1,000 minutes for the Montreal club and, more importantly, has just two goals and two assists in 35 games.

This season, he has just one assist in 8 games (124 minutes).

During the brand-new Leagues Cup, Matko was on the bench (two games), but he didn’t set foot on the pitch. Except that he wanted to play…

So he went and played three games under another name in an amateur soccer league: the QCSL (Ligue Québécois de Soccer Calcetto). The league has been in existence since 1994, and matches are played six against six on synthetic turf, but with boards (as in field hockey). The league operates in the northern crown of Montreal, more specifically in Laval.

And there’s news in itself: a CF Montreal player has played three games in an amateur soccer league, even though his contract (worth over half a million dollars) with CF Montreal does not allow him to do so.

(Credit: Official photo (CF Montréal))

How did he do? In three games, he had 6 goals and 2 assists… but 6 of Matko’s 8 points came in the same game(August 8, when he was voted player of the game). So he had two very “average”games.

When league officials realized that a Montreal CF player was playing under a false name, they forced him to do so under his real name if he wished to continue playing for his team, the Rage (who, incidentally, finished 8th out of 9 in the Tuesday league and didn’t taste victory with Miljevic in uniform).

Matko didn’t play the next game… and his team didn’t make the playoffs.

Why did Matko play in this league? Because one of his good friends invited him.

And this good friend also plays in the Monday league. His (Monday) team was in action two days ago, in the playoffs.

The Argentine midfielder from Montreal CF went to support his boyfriend… but when the score was 5-0 to the other team, he spat at an opposing player. The latter then hurled an insult at him in Spanish… then Miljevic allegedly punched him directly in the face.

The referees then decided to stop the match, expel Matko from the inner circle and allow the other team to win by default.

A very well-informed source told me this this morning:

“The guy’s out. The league doesn’t want to see him anymore. Not just on the field, but in his facilities. He didn’t act like a professional. Not even a decent amateur. The QCSL is a serious league that has never accepted such actions. Matko was not at his first “story” in the league […] a victim is seriously considering filing a criminal complaint for voice assault at this time.”

I contacted CF Montreal before publishing and was told I was not aware of the situation. The people at the club take this kind of situation very seriously and they assured me they would do the necessary checks.


– MLS players are obviously not allowed to play soccer in such leagues. Every contract signed by a player in the circuit clearly stipulates this.

– When the QCSL forced Matko to play under his real name, Miljevic described himself as Matko Milojevic (with an O in the middle of his name). He has his official photo on the league website.

(Credit: QCSL)

Matko is classified as a “B/semi-competitive” player, not “A/competitive” in the league.

– Miljevic is still under contract with Montreal CF for the 2024 season, and the club holds an option for 2025. It will be interesting to see how the club reacts to all this… and whether Miljevic’s actions are punishable by a breach of contract.

– Montreal CF play their next game on Saturday at Stade Saputo. Will Miljevic be called up by Hernan Losada?

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