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Kaiden Guhle won’t sign for less than $8.05 million, according to David Ettedgui
When Jake Sanderson signed an 8-year contract extension at $8.05 million per year on Wednesday, opinions were divided. On the one hand, people understood that this was a contract for the future for the young defenseman. On the other, people thought it was a lot of money for someone who has only played one season in the NHL.

My colleague Marc-Olivier Cook even looked into the situation and what it might mean for Kaiden Guhle. In fact, Guhle’s future contract could resemble Sanderson’s, but one Montreal journalist thinks it will be even more expensive for the Habs.

David Ettedgui of BPM Sports believes Guhle’s contract will be at least $8.05 million.

Why? Because, in his words, “Jake Sanderson is a cut-and-paste of Kaiden Guhle”.

He explains that their junior statistics are almost identical. On the one hand, Guhle played in the WHL, while Sanderson played in the USHL and NCHC.

Sanderson collected 26 points, including 8 goals, in 22 games during the 2021-22 season with the University of North Dakota in the NCHC. Kaiden Guhle scored 40 points, including 7 goals, in 42 games with the Oil Kings and Raiders in the WHL during the same season.

The important thing, in my opinion, is the first year in the NHL. Sanderson amassed 32 points in 77 games. That’s 0.415 points per game. As for Guhle, his 18 points in 44 games give him an average of 0.409 points per game.

That’s pretty similar, I admit, especially as both players are 21 years old.

But what David Ettedgui didn’t explain is that Guhle will need a new contract in two seasons’ time. That’s one more campaign than Sanderson. By then, the salary cap will have time to rise and Guhle’s results will have time to become clearer.

With good performances, Guhle can expect more than $8.05 million for sure, but if everything falls apart in the next few seasons, he could well see that amount drop.

It’s still very early to talk about a new contract for the CH defenseman, but I agree that he could end up with a deal similar to Sanderson’s, taking into account the similarities between the two defensemen.

In brief

– Well done Joe.

– A man with a big heart.

– Good.

– I can’t wait to see it.

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