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Rumor: Patrick Kane would like to reunite with Alex DeBrincat

It seems that some of these people attract teams that are among the NHL’s original six. Jeff Gorton comes to mind, having worked for the Bruins, Rangers and now the Habs.

Think of Robert Lang, who didn’t spend his entire career with those teams, but still played in Boston, Detroit, Chicago and Montreal over the course of his career.

There are many. I’m not going to start naming them all because… that’s the way it is.

And it’s conceivable that one day, Patrick Kane could be added to such a list. And why is that? Because, after spending a long time in Chicago and finishing last season in New York, he’s been linked to original-6 teams.

Aside from the rumors linking him to his hometown Buffalo Sabres, it seems that there are often old clubs in the rumors concerning him. For example? The name of the Bruins sometimes comes up.

The Maple Leafs name doesn’t come up as such, but we know he likes to catch up with old friends. That’s why he went to New York to finish the season (Artemi Panarin), and it ‘s for Auston Matthews that you’d think the former OHL player might listen if Toronto calls.

With the Maple Leafs’ payroll, I’m not saying it’s necessarily likely this year, but who knows what will happen if William Nylander leaves next summer?

And now Montreal Detroit has entered the discussion. And why? Because a Chicago journalist who’s been with the Daily Herald for a very long time, John Dietz, is asking us to keep an eye on the Red Wings in this matter.

Apart from being an original team, the Red Wings are above all the current employer of Alex DeBrincat, a good friend of Kane’s from his days with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Detroit currently has $5.1 million under the cap, and Steve Yzerman seems intent on blocking his youngsters by putting them with a number of veterans. Kane could be a good example of this.

I don’t know how much he wants to join a club that wants to win the Stanley Cup as early as 2024, that said. After all, with the powerful Atlantic Division, the Wings aren’t guaranteed to make the playoffs.

Adding a Kane would help, that said.

Let’s remember that the forward has said he doesn’t want to sign a contract until he’s recovered from hip surgery. That said, his healing process is going well at the moment, so the player could sign relatively soon.

I’m not sure if Detroit will be the option he chooses, but we’ll see.

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