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Flyers: Daniel Brière hints at the identity of the next captain
The Coyotes, Ducks, Jets, Flyers, Kraken, Canucks, Flames, Blackhawks and Bruins all have something in common right now.

They don’t have a captain for next season.

Daniel Brière, the Flyers’ “new” GM, was on 98.5 FM last night for a generous interview with Yanick Bouchard. He talked about the controversial selection of Matvei Michkov…

But the CH alumnus also offered a few clues as to who will be sporting the “C” on his Philly jersey in the near future.

Basically, he’s talking about Scott Laughton, who was excellent with the Flyers’ young players last year…

But you can really sense his emphasis on the idea of Sean Couturier becoming the Flyers’ next “undisputed leader”.

We’ll start the year and Sean (Couturier) will get a letter, but he won’t be named captain right away when he leaves. We have other good leaders in Scott Laughton […] We have a few possibilities, but it’s not something that’s pressing on our side. – Daniel Brière

He hasn’t said it openly… But Couturier seems to be the front-runner for the (next) captaincy in Philadelphia.

The interview in question can be found here :

John Tortorella hasn’t made a decision yet, as the Flyers coach hasn’t had the chance to rub shoulders with Couturier on a daily basis since his arrival in Philadelphia.

After all, the Quebecer missed the entirety of last season due to injury, and played just 29 games in the 21-22 season. The Flyers have been waiting a long time for him…

And if Couturier returns to top form, the idea of offering him the role of captain makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, Couturier is a player who has given his all for his teammates and his club since the very beginning of his career, and he is seen as a mentor in the Flyers’ dressing room.

But the whole thing is even more special, precisely because Couturier hasn’t played in almost two years. It only goes to show that he’s respected within the Flyers organization, and that’s a credit to him.

It also says a lot about how he’s perceived by the Flyers. When the idea of naming a player captain even though he’s missed two years of activity gains ground, it proves that the player in question is doing things the right way.

And it’s well deserved for a guy who’s been fighting to get back into the game for so long, and who’s been part of the organization for so many years.

The decision won’t be made right away, as Daniel Brière explained. But if his comments are anything to go by, it’s that Sean Couturier will be the next captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.

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