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Barely back in the NHL, John Tortorella back in hot water for his comments with a player

Remember the good old days when John Tortorella would blow off the media instead of answering questions after a match? It’s a vague description, I know. Because Torts, as he’s known, tends to do that pretty much everywhere he coaches. Tampa Bay, New York, Vancouver, Columbus and probably eventually Philadelphia.

But Martin St-Louis’ mentor doesn’t have to wait until he’s behind the Flyers’ bench to be back in the spotlight for a few of his comments.

He’s that good, if you’ll pardon the irony. But more importantly, he’s been around the show so long, there’s no shortage of stories about him. That, and the fact that he seems to have missed quite a few morale classes in little school when he was young!

The most recent story was revealed by Brandon Prust, when the two men crossed paths in the Big Apple with the Rangers. Appearing on the Missin’ Curfew podcast, hosted by Shane O’Brien and Scottie Upshall, Marie-Pier Morin’s former partner revealed a story about the fiery coach and Brad Richards that made me cringe.

You’ll see, it doesn’t make any sense!

In French, it goes like this:

“I remember when Richards arrived in New York, we became good friends. Richy started a little slow, we started a little slow and Torts being Torts, he probably didn’t sleep if we lost.

We went out after the game one night and Torts had to call Richy on the way home. Richy comes in and says, “Torts just called me, told me to do drugs and stuff.”

Torts told him, “Richy, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but get out of your house, go have a blast, take drugs or something.”” – Brandon Prust

I can’t believe it!

Winning is important. I understand that, but not to the point of encouraging someone to take drugs and possibly fall back into their old demons. Winning isn’t THAT IMPORTANT.

Despite this, the old-timer stayed on. Worse, he made it to the third round of the playoffs, his longest spring run with them. It’s as if life has proven him right.

I hope this story makes waves in Philadelphia and that he doesn’t stay on too long.

He can go back to rocking on his front porch, whining that his lawn isn’t green enough for his taste. As long as he’s away from the NHL, I’ll be very happy.

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