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If it were up to him, Alexander Ovechkin wouldn’t trade Evgeny Kuznetsov

The plan is obvious in Washington over the next few years: help Alex Ovechkin score 73 goals to surpass the great Wayne Gretzky. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to win a Stanley Cup, but the GM has publicly admitted that as long as Ovechkin is with the Caps, he’ll do everything in his power to surround him.

On the other hand, the Caps dynasty is slowly fading. The team is far from awful, but it’s not the powerhouse it was just a few years ago.

One thing’s for sure, Ovechkin still has the tools to score goals. But let’s face it, as long as he plays on the PP, he’s going to score goals…

Evgeny Kuznetsov has long been a loyal companion of the Czar. The problem: he’s requested a trade and his days in the American capital seem numbered.

Despite his teammate’s misfortune in Washington, Alex Ovechkin wouldn’t trade him (if he were the GM).

Ovi says it’s out of his hands, and he’s right… half right.

I know the captain isn’t the team’s general manager, but he must have a lot of influence over his boss, right? After all, the guy wants to build around his 37-year-old veteran…

If his friend is so unhappy in Washington, he’s going to have to leave eventually before the chemistry breaks down. #Petry

Except… Ovi can try to convince him to stay and help him rewrite history. To say it’s not up to him is partly untrue.

But when it comes to trade rumors surrounding the 92, the 8 knows nothing. He doesn’t want to see a guy he describes as a close friend, an incredible human being and an excellent teammate leave for another city.

Still, the left winger is aware that trades are part of the game and that he’ll have to continue his work, no matter what happens.

Without Kuznetsov and with aging teammates, does the second all-time leading scorer have the tools to surpass legend Wayne Gretzky? Remember, he’s under contract for three more seasons, and even at 37, he shows no signs of slowing down.

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