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Paul Houde confirms his return (this week?) to BPM Sports
Last year (2022-2023), BPM Sports scored a major coup by signing Paul Houde. The media veteran, who is aiming to reach 50 years in radio, completed his 48th year on the air, hosting the weekend morning show.

This was where he could be heard the most (he was also at Radio-Canada for chronicles), having lost his position at 98.5.

We wondered if he’d be back in the same role this year, since BPM Sports still hasn’t unveiled its programming for the next radio season, which starts in just a few weeks’ time.

But in the last few days, the man himself put an end to the debate by announcing that he would be returning to BPM Sports for the next radio season. Read about it here in 7 jours.

Note that several articles on the web mention that Paul Houde is “landing” at BPM, as if he’d never worked there last year. Is the station doing enough to promote his presence?

He also filled in for a few weeks in the return following the vacations of the regulars.

All this to say that Paul Houde will be back in the world of sports radio next year, his 49th in radio.

He would not confirm the time slot or the name of his show. All indications are that his role will be different from last year, when he was placed on weekends.

From what we’ve heard on the subject, he’ll have a bigger role than before in a schedule that will be unveiled shortly by the station and that will be different from last year. There will be some departures.

So, if he makes it through the week, that means he’ll be pushing someone out – by force of circumstance.

Remember that last year, during the week, Daphnée Malboeuf and Jean-Charles Lajoie hosted in the morning, Gilbert Delorme and Ben Roger followed them, Georges Laraque and Maxime Truman did lunch, Maxime Van Houtte set the table for Martin Lemay on the way back and Jordan Boivin did the evening.

Who will lose their place this year?

In gusto

– Things are moving in MLB.

– One to watch.

– Victory for the Alouettes.

– Tough Canadian defeat.

– Indeed.

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