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Carey Price’s role with the CH: it’s all speculation, says Angela

Carey Price’s career is over. Maybe not officially, but unofficially.

Barring an impressive turn of events, he has already played his last NHL game. In the end, it was injuries that cut his career short.

That said, Price is a name that remains popular in Montreal because he was a crowd favorite… And when he’s mentioned around town for any good reason, the reaction is always overwhelming.


But even though Price probably won’t play again, that doesn’t mean we’ll never see him in the Metropolis again.

A few days after the last NHL draft, reliable sources told us that the goalie is now working with Habs management. What is he up to?

He’s playing a Vincent Lecavalier-style role when Lecavalier first came to town. He’s a kind of special advisor to the club:

Yesterday, his wife Angela answered a few questions from fans via a Q/A on Instagram. She asked if the family would be returning to Montreal this winter, given the rumours that Price has a role with the Habs…

And she said it’s all speculation for now.

But what you need to know… is that Price has no specific position with the organization, and he’s not being paid for his advisory role. It’s as if he’s doing volunteer work (with his player’s salary) because he’s still under contract for three seasons.

It should also be noted that the family has evolved the option of buying a condo in downtown Montreal, as Angela had stated in recent weeks.

And, of course, Angela refuses to advance anything because it’s tricky due to the collective agreement. And her answer isn’t necessarily surprising.

It’s more like she put on her white gloves so as not to get anyone in trouble. And that’s fine, we agree.


– Really?

– I could use some advice.

– Really looking forward to the Kraken next year.

– Marcus Stroman hurt his club last night.

– Always the same speech.

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