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Leafs haven’t improved: “I don’t see how it’s going to be any different”

Brad Treliving has probably accepted the most pressured general manager’s job in the NHL. And so far, without being able to establish with certainty that the team in place won’t have playoff success, there isn’t much optimism in Toronto.

Speaking on the Clearing the Crease podcast, commentator Ray Ferraro offered his thoughts on the Maple Leafs’ off-season.

“I don’t think the Leafs are better. It’s probably going to be about the same.”

While he indicates that the team will probably be a very good team in the regular season, but that we’ll have to see in the playoffs whether the defensive brigade will hold up, James Cybulski accurately retorts a simple “Encore“.

In the end, Brad Treliving’s warhorse was to strengthen the team with guys like Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi, who will be able to play a physical game on the first three lines.

Seeing the Leafs asleep for long stretches in recent years (in the playoffs), maybe that’s what it takes.

That said, Ray Ferraro believes that if the team doesn’t trade William Nylander, things won’t be much different than in recent years.

“It’s the same story. Unless they trade Nylander, I don’t see how it could be any different!”

It’s also worth noting that, as of today, the Leafs are $12 million over the salary cap, following the signing (in arbitration) of Ilya Samsonov, and that neither Auston Matthews nor William Nylander has signed a contract extension.

Is Ferraro pessimistic?

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