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Arbitration: Ilya Samsonov asks for twice the Maple Leafs’ offer

I know you’re anxious to hear about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ troubles. Here I am, at your service.

My colleague Médérick Lefebvre talked last night about how the Leafs and William Nylander couldn’t find common ground on a long-term contract.

The player wants too much money for what the Leafs can afford, which is not optimal.

After all, not only is the club in trouble right now, but signing Nylander at such a long-term price could really create big problems with a core four that will be completely free within two years.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

Obviously, signing Nylander wouldn’t affect this year’s payroll, but looking ahead to next year, only 11 guys are under contract… and that doesn’t include Nylander and Auston Matthews.

And since Matthews wants to sign second… that causes problems.

Newly arrived in the Queen City, GM Brad Treliving not only has to think about the future, he has to find a way to keep his 2023-2024 payroll in line.

Right now, the club is over the $8.8M mark (Jake Muzzin’s injury will help, admittedly) and goalie Ilya Samsonov is yet to be signed. Not exactly ideal.

Even worse? Negotiations are at a standstill.

Right now, there are discussions about signing the goalie, but there’s no talk of a long-term deal. In fact, the Leafs would like to give him a maximum of just three seasons.

This means that negotiations are going badly, and there’s a good chance that the matter will be settled in arbitration.

And if it comes to that, the goalie is asking for $4.9M while the Leafs are offering $2.4M. Samsonov is asking for more than double the amount offered by Toronto.

Obviously, it’s not abnormal to see such a wide discrepancy in demands, but it shows that things are going badly and that a long-term marriage could be difficult to envisage.

Let’s not forget that the Leafs, like other teams, are only allowed to go 10% over payroll during the summer. Before officially signing the goalie, whether via a referee or not, they’ll have to make room. #JakeMuzzin?

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