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Michael Pezzetta: one of the best late picks of the 2016 draft
The draft is far from an exact science.

Sometimes, we see fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh-round picks establish themselves in the NHL despite their draft rank.

What this means, quite simply, is that nothing is certain even if a young player takes a long time to be selected by a big-league team… And the case of Michael Pezzetta is a fine example of this.

El’ Pezz, as I like to call him, was selected in the sixth round at the 2016 auction. Among all the players drafted in the sixth and seventh rounds, he ranks third for total career NHL games played…

Which, if you take a step back, makes you realize that the Habs won their bet by picking him so late. Jesper Bratt and Brandon Hagel are the only two players to have played more games than him since the 2016 draft:

(Credit: Hockey DB)
(Credit: Hockey DB)

Jesper Bratt’s pick has really become a steal for the Devils. The Swede, despite being drafted in the sixth round, has just signed an eight-year contract that will pay him $63 million for the duration of the deal…

Which just goes to show once again that a player’s draft rank means nothing in the end. When youngsters arrive at camp, it’s not their draft number that’s displayed on their back, but their family name.

That’s the mentality to have.

The fans fell under the spell of Michael Pezzetta and his long golden mane as soon as he arrived in town. Fans also love him because he’s not afraid to throw down the gloves, we agree…

But Pezz is an example to follow for any youngster who wants to make it in the National League. It’s by working hard that it will happen, presence after presence.

It reminds me a little of Rafa√ęl Harvey-Pinard, who is also a long shot. Both guys deserve what’s happened to them lately, because they’ve been busting their butts since they turned pro.

So much the better, honestly.

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