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David Reinbacher: first meeting with the CH didn’t necessarily go well
When David Reinbacher was selected by the Habs, there were many reactions. Some positive, yes, but also some negative. But in the last few days, the bad tongues have disappeared somewhat, giving way to the real fans.

In the last few hours, we’ve learned that the Austrian has problems with both knees, but as Maxime Truman informs us, the disease heals itself almost 19 times out of 20. So there’s nothing to be nervous about.

We saw Reinbacher in action a few weeks ago and in the company of Lane Hutson, he did well. We can’t wait to see more of him, but so far, the organization is very happy with his selection. Remember that all the scouts gave their “GO” to select him at the last draft.

But the love affair between the team and him hasn’t always lasted. In fact, it wasn’t love at first sight. At that very first meeting, he seemed nervous and uncomfortable. But as we learn in this text published by TVA Sports’ Nicolas Cloutier, Montreal held a second meeting, and this time it was the right one.

The rest is history.

Martin St-Louis was a proud supporter of the youngster. The coach was very enthusiastic about his new prospect’s game.

We knew that a few teams were interested, but it’s interesting to learn that teams were “snatching” the youngster at the draft. TVA Sports has learned from a very reliable source, who follows NHL draft action very closely, that the Coyotes’ man was Reinbahcer. Arizona selected another defenseman immediately afterwards.

We can’t confirm that Reinbacher was the Flyers’ choice, but the Austrian was definitely in their sights.

Next, the Flyers in seventh picked Russian Matvei Michkov. I can’t tell you if they preferred Reinbacher, but I know the Flyers liked Reinbacher a lot. – anonymous source

The Capitals were talking eighth, and a team employee told the anonymous source that if Reinbacher were available, Washington would have taken him.

In short, you have to believe that the right-hander was indeed the best draft prospect at his position, and in hindsight, perhaps not selecting Matvei Michkov – as many had hoped – was the best possible decision.

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