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Alex Galchenyuk allegedly threatened to “steal the kidneys” of a police officer’s family
Since yesterday afternoon, Alex Galchenyuk has been the talk of the NHL. After seeing the Coyotes place him on the ballot with a view to terminating his contract, we learned early yesterday evening that the decision was due to the fact that he was recently arrested by the Scottsdale police.

I told you more about this sad story yesterday, but his contract was indeed terminated earlier today. He is no longer a member of the Coyotes organization.

That said, while the information released yesterday gave an idea of the gravity of the situation, a local news channel (which appears to be linked to NBC) in Arizona, 12 News, has reportedly gotten its hands on the police report of the intervention and the details are said to be very, very serious.

Note, however, that the police have not confirmed the information (unlike what came out yesterday), but it does come from a fairly reliable source.

According to 12 News, the police report explains that Galchenyuk really didn’t take it well when a police officer intervened. In fact, the report states that the forward threatened the officer that he would “steal the kidneys of his family members” and that he would “end his life with one phone call”.

He also claimed that he wanted to “end his bloodline”. Nothing less.

The report also indicates that Chucky was under the influence of something, without mentioning the nature of the substance. He also reportedly used the n-word to address the officer, according to another officer on the scene.

The other new detail in the story is that the former CH forward’s father was present at the incident. He reportedly told police that he had never seen his son act so aggressively.

I wrote this last night, but once again, I can’t help but think that this whole thing is really sad. Galchenyuk is a really talented guy on the ice, but he’s really wasting his talent. I sincerely hope he gets the help he seems to really need right now.

And again, we don’t know if 12 News’ information is necessarily all true, but if it’s really from the police report, there’s plenty to believe.

It really is a horror story in every sense of the word. I really hope he gets better as soon as possible, because beyond his career, he’s a human being who’s ruining his life here. And we would never wish that on anyone.

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