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Matvei Michkov refused to meet the Ducks in person
A few days ago, I reported that the very popular Matvei Michkov had given the Coyotes the impression that he wanted nothing to do with the franchise. So it was a no-brainer for Arizona not to draft him.

And a few days later, his agent Sergei Fedotov confirmed the rumor. He even added that he didn’t want anything to do with the Washington Capitals either.

To sum up, then, the Russian has a KHL contract for a few more seasons, has a negative attitude and has the audacity to choose his destinations.

At least, last I heard, he didn’t seem to hate Montreal…

But then, according to what his agent said on a podcast recorded in Russia, the Ducks would have strongly considered him second overall in the last draft. But as the story goes, Anaheim chose Leo Carlsson instead.

Forget what his agent said about the Ducks, because according to the excellent Anthony Martineau, the youngster refused to meet the California team in person. So the organization didn’t consider him with its second selection.

Now that’s interesting news. Because let’s face it, the fact that the Ducks were interested wasn’t information from a shady 20-subscriber site. No, it came from his agent, one of the best people in the business.

Not only does Fedotov have a big mouth(because, as mentioned in this text, why would he confirm negative rumors about one of his clients), but he’s a liar, too? In any case, he got away with it on several fronts that day, Mr. Fedotov…

A big turnaround in this case, then.

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