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Elliotte Friedman: Watch for Christian Dvorak’s name soon
Yesterday afternoon, Kent Hughes moved.

Kent Hughes made a move by completing a transaction with the Colorado Avalanche to acquire center Alex Newhook. Following the acquisition, it’s clear right now: the CH has many, many guys who (naturally) play the center position.

Nick Suzuki. Sean Monahan. Kirby Dach. Alex Newhook. Jake Evans. Christian Dvorak. We can even include Owen Beck’s name in the discussion.

These guys will be fighting for one of the four center positions at the next training camp in Montreal. It’s understood that some of them already have a guaranteed position with the team…

And even if a team “can never have too many centers” in its line-up, that’s a lot. That’s a lot, because there are also several wingers who should have their place in the line-up by the first game of the 2023-2024 season.

Elliotte Friedman mentioned this very point this morning in the latest episode of his podcast. The “congestion” at center leads him to believe that Christian Dvorak may not have a role next year…

Which would prompt Kent Hughes to send him elsewhere.

I think he’s a name to keep an eye on. – Elliotte Friedman

It makes sense.

After all, let’s face it: Christian Dvorak isn’t indispensable to Montreal.

He does his job, but nothing more. Players like him can be found all over the National League.

Let’s not forget that it would be in the Habs’ interest to trade him quickly, to make it easier to negotiate with other teams. Because, on July 1, a no-trade clause will be activated for the last two years of his contract.

He’ll have to submit a list of eight teams to which he doesn’t wish to be traded… And that could make things difficult for Kent Hughes.

If there is a deal, it’s fair to ask how much the center forward is worth right now. I don’t think Hughes could fetch the big price for him, especially with Dvorak earning $4.45 M annually until the end of the 2024-2025 season…

But on the other hand, I don’t think he has a negative value on the market. Once again, Dvorak could prove useful to a team looking for a good third-line center, and he’s capable of bringing a certain offensive touch to the rink, as he’s averaging 30-35 points per season since his arrival in the NHL.

Could we be talking about any kind of pick? At the same time, it would give Kent Hughes the opportunity to free up some salary on his payroll for the next two years. And, perhaps, the CH DG could decide to keep part of his salary to facilitate a transaction of some kind.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this, if we’re to believe the Sportsnet source. And I don’t think we’ll have to wait long to see the outcome.

In brief

– Nice contract for the depth player.

– Can’t wait for tonight.

– I agree.

– Players are human, after all.

– Well done.

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