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Matvei Michkov: scouts consider him a “scout killer

We’re just five days away from finding out where Matvei Michkov will go. It’s THE big topic of the draft.

The man considered the second-best player in the draft in terms of talent (behind Connor Bedard, who isn’t getting the attention he deserves right now) is giving everyone headaches.

After all, we know his contractual situation, his geopolitical situation and what the rumors are about his attitude. That makes him a very intriguing candidate for recruiters.

And Alain Chainey summed it up best: he’s a scout killer. We’re talking about a guy who can kill a recruiter’s career.

In reality, a killer scout means that no matter what decision is made about him (whether or not to recommend Michkov’s candidacy to his bosses), the recruiter can’t earn any points.

The decision isn’t based solely on the scout’s recommendations, since NHL GMs have their say on the matter, but still.

After all, there are four ways a scout can look at Michkov’s case. Two of them (the first two) ensure that he doesn’t lose any points with his boss.

But for the other two…

  • The club doesn’t draft Mishkov, who doesn’t become a star.
  • The club drafts Mishkov, who becomes a star.
  • Club doesn’t draft Mishkov, who becomes a star.
  • Club doesn’t draft Mishkov, who doesn’t become a star.

After all, in the first two scenarios, the red flags were easy to see or the talent was obvious. That doesn’t lose you any points in the eyes of the bosses, but it doesn’t win you many.

But the other two scenarios lose points en masse.

It’s an interesting debate because, while Mishkov is a fine talent, we mustn’t forget that he’s not a perfect player either. He has his faults on the ice.

And in the Habs’ case, he’s just another small forward.

If I had to put an old $2 to bet on his next destination, I’d say the Washington Capitals are probably the most likely club to draft him right now.

But I still think the Coyotes, with their two top-12 picks, are not to be overlooked. After all, the player may increase in market value over the years…

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