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Rumor: Brady Tkachuk with his brother Matthew in Florida

Last year, the Florida Panthers managed to get their hands on the NHL’s player of the hour. Matthew Tkachuk transformed the club and gave the organization the character it needed to take it to the next level.

I say player of the hour because he has become, more than ever, a role model. Even if he hasn’t won the MVP award or even the Stanley Cup, he’s a benchmark.

The proof: how many players at the combine have said they resemble Tkachuk because of their rugged style of play? Quite a few.

So here he is, signed long-term to Sunrise. He’s in the same division as his brother Brady, who is the Senators’ captain and has also signed a long-term contract with his team.

So, the two of them call the shots in the division. That said, is there any world in which they could be the rainmakers on the same NHL roster?

According to Bob Bissonnette, he’s hearing echoes of a Brady Tkachuk for Aleksander Barkov trade. Wow.

It’s rare for two captains to be part of the same transaction. It happened when Martin St-Louis was traded to the Rangers for Ryan Callahan back in the day, in 2014.

Obviously, I don’t expect the deal to go through. Unless Brady pushes really, really hard? But then again…

I don’t know how much of this is Biz being fabulous, but it seems like there are often rumors like this about Brady and the Canadian market of Ottawa. He didn’t necessarily want to sign long-term in Ottawa without the title of captain…

His leadership seems to be in question…

Sometimes he seems more interested in supporting his brother than his own organization. I sometimes wonder how senior management perceives its player.

All in all, I wonder how tempting the idea of adding a center like Sasha Barkov can be for an Ottawa group that didn’t make enough progress last year. I don’t expect it to happen, but…

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– Derick Brassard wanted to be the GM in Gatineau, but was told no. [104.7 FM]

– Interesting.

– Indeed.

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