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Matvei Michkov has a bad attitude towards those around him, says NHL scout

It may be the drafting of Connor Bedard, but it’s Matvei Michkov who’s the talk of the town these days. And, once again, it’s not for the right reasons. He’s got incredible talent, but all the turmoil surrounding him is scaring off the teams that want to draft him.

Washington Capitals scout and former NHL player Andrei Nikolishin recently appeared on an episode of a Russian podcast called Скользкий Лёд (which translates to “Slippery Ice”) and talked about his experience with the young Russian prospect.

Luckily for us, TVA Sports took the time to translate most of what he had to say about Michkov.

According to Nikolishin, Mishkov has a bad attitude towards those around him.

“Because of his character and attitude towards his teammates, coaching staff, management and fans, he has fallen very low in the esteem of scouts and management.” – Andrei Nikolishin (TVA Sports)

If Nikolishin is right, it’s another problem added to the pile for Michkov. Just under three weeks ago, we reported that his entourage was unhealthy. Well, it’s amazing to see it coming from both sides.

If he doesn’t get along with his teammates, he certainly won’t get along with his future NHL teammates. That wouldn’t work with the philosophy of many teams, including the Habs. Note that CH players always have fun, even in difficult times.

Kent Hughes still hasn’t confirmed whether or not he’ll draft Michkov, but all indications are that he won’t be the Montrealers’ choice. With so many problems, would Hughes really want to jeopardize his position with a gamble on the fifth overall pick in a talent-packed draft?

I wouldn’t think so.

Andrei Nikolishin then added.

“I can show you our correspondence from when I wanted to meet him and ask him a few questions. I’ve never witnessed such disrespect.” – Andrei Nikolishin (TVA Sports)

When it comes to disrespect, it just doesn’t work. Especially with so many other quality draft picks available.

Matvei Michkov has confirmed that he wants to play in the NHL and will be in the first round of the NHL draft on June 28, but his potential s’election ranking seems to be sinking lower and lower.

In short

– Simple, but hilarious.

– Interesting trade proposal.

– That’s a pretty interesting comparison.

– The starting grid for the Canadian Grand Prix.

– Thank you for everything, Captain.

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