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Dave Morissette to host radio show every morning starting in August

Dave Morissette has been with TVA Sports for several years now. For quite some time, he hosted Dave Morissette en direct, which was intended to be the network’s late-night show.

That said, for some time now, his responsibilities at the network have been diminishing. We’ve been seeing less and less of him (he now only hosts the Saturday night post-game show), and we’ve been wondering about his future with TVA Sports.

Today, we learn that Morissette will be taking on a new professional challenge in August, hosting the morning show on Rythme 105. 7 from August 21.

He will be joined by Julie Houle as host.

In effect, then, this will become his new main professional project. It’s his next challenge after a long full-time career at TVA Sports.

He’s been a radio host in the past, but for the past ten years or so, it’s been on television that we’ve mainly seen the former field hockey player. On a more general-interest channel, he’ll have the latitude to talk about more than just sports.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen him move away from the world of sport, though: this summer, for example, he’s a contributor to TVA’s summer program Sucré salé.

So it’s good news to see him inherit a full-time position in the media world, as he remains a popular figure across Quebec.

We wish him the best of luck in his new challenge.


A few months ago, Réjean Tremblay said that Morissette had been “pushed out” at TVA Sports.

And that’s probably why he’ll be joining Rythme 105.7 in August.

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