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Pierre-Luc Dubois: Detroit also represents a “return home
Where will Pierre-Luc Dubois be playing next year?

Pierre LeBrun reported last night that the Quebecer wants to leave Winnipeg “right now”, as he’s not interested in signing a one-year bridge contract, then becoming an uncompensated independent player.

I understand from LeBrun’s comments that Dubois is looking for some stability in his life at the moment. He wants to agree on the terms of a long-term contract with some team so that the next few years will be more stable, which is understandable at his age.

But while Montreal is often mentioned as a team he’d like to play for, there’s no guarantee he’ll be in the CH line-up for the first game of next season.

Elliotte Friedman said earlier today on the radio (Sportsnet 590) that, yes, Dubois still has a certain preference for Montreal… But there could also be other teams in the picture.

Jeff Marek followed up by naming the Minnesota Wild and the New York Rangers.

It’s normal to see Dubois looking elsewhere too. After all, it’s not just the Habs who could be an interesting destination, and the more teams in the race for his services, the more the Jets could benefit.

Why? Because there could be a bidding war, and Kevin Cheveldayoff would have the opportunity to fetch a big price for his services.

There’s talk of Montreal, Jeff Marek talks of New York and Minnesota… Could the Red Wings get in on the action?

I say this because Dubois’ girlfriend is from Michigan. Knowing that he’s looking for stability and knowing that these kinds of decisions are usually made by two people when the players are in a relationship… I think there’s a world out there where this idea isn’t crazy after all.

Detroit would also represent a “homecoming” in one way or another… Unlike New York and Minnesota, two cities that are relatively far from Montreal and Detroit.

Again, I’m just speculating here, and I think it’s worthwhile to do so. After all, this is the hot topic right now, not only in Montreal, but throughout the National League…

And there seem to be developments almost daily.

In an article in La Poche Bleue, we read that “the Dubois trade shouldn’t be long in coming”, according to a source with his nose in the matter. Could it happen as early as this week?

I’d be a bit surprised.

But I still think the possibility of him being traded before the draft, as my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois mentioned earlier this morning, is very real.

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– It makes sense.

– Bravo for the gesture.

– Well said.

– I like the confidence.

– Hmm. Interesting stuff.

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