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Adam Fantilli still doesn’t know what he wants to do next year
Adam Fantilli is one of the hottest prospects in the upcoming NHL draft. Watching him dominate the NCAA in his first year on the college circuit has only boosted his candidacy as a potential number 2 pick, because everyone knows that Connor Bedard will come out on top.

Fantilli is said to be an excellent consolation prize at No. 2, and in recent years would easily have been a first overall pick in some drafts.

He’s that good.

But, despite his talent and potential, there’s a real world where he doesn’t make the jump to the pros next NHL season. In fact, he doesn’t necessarily see himself anywhere in particular: he maintains that the NCAA or the NHL are two very good options for next year.

I think I’ll make that decision based on what the team that drafts me says it wants, and also by consulting my inner circle. – Adam Fantilli

Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) has the chance to attend the NHL combine currently taking place in Buffalo, and he had nothing but good things to say about the player.

It seems that it’s the young man’s maturity and poise in front of journalists that impress most. And I guess I’m not too surprised.

Let’s not forget that Fantilli had the experience of winning the gold medal with the Canadian team at the World Championship, a feat he was also able to accomplish at the World Junior Championship last winter.

It’s by winning medals and gobbling up experience like this that a young player can mature. Adam Fantilli seems to be living proof of this:

I especially like the fact that Fantilli doesn’t seem too worried about what’s next. It just proves to me that he’s confident in his abilities, and it’s interesting to see that he’s not closing the door on a potential return to the NCAA.

He wants to improve in the best possible way and that’s to his credit. He’s got the right mentality.

Adam Fantilli does, however, have a specific goal in mind. This summer, he would like to add between 5 and 10 pounds to his shape to be even stronger on his skates. A goal that’s totally achievable with the right training and nutrition program.

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