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If Patrick Roy leaves the Remparts, Simon Gagné could turn down the coaching job

At this point, it’s well known that Patrick Roy has coached his last game in the QMJHL. If he doesn’t get a job in the NHL, which is very possible, he should still leave his coaching job in the Q.

Already last year, we knew he was getting tired. But he came back for the core’s last big year, and in the end, it paid off.

But now, with the club facing a major rebuild, we have no doubt he won’t be back.

We know that Simon Gagné has been offered the head coaching job, but according to Stéphane Turcot’s reports, he’s not really guaranteed to take it.

Why would this happen? Because of the uncertainty hanging over his head.

In fact, if both Patrick Roy and Jacques Tanguay (president) were to leave the Remparts organization, perhaps Gagné would be less inclined to lead the junior club.

What’s important to know is that there’s a lot of talk about Roy as a coach, but he’s also the team’s GM. And obviously, unless he finds himself an NHL job, the plan may have been for him to remain GM.

But with Roy and Tanguay considering retiring completely from their role(s) with the Quebec Remparts, that would give Gagné pause.

When Simon agreed to join the Remparts, he did so on the assumption that Patrick Roy would still be GM and Jacques Tanguay would still be President. The situation is changing.

It was whispered in my ear that, if those two guys weren’t around anymore, he’d have some decisions to make. – Stéphane Turcot

For the time being, the plan is for Roy to be at the Remparts table on Saturday, on the sidelines of the NHL draft. His assistant Marc Chamard, who is in charge of recruiting, will have influence over the session for Quebec City.

Following the conquest, I have a feeling that Roy may well decide to leave his position as GM as well as coach. If he and Tanguay (whose decision has reportedly been made but not announced) leave, it could force Simon Gagné to turn down the challenge of rebuilding the club.

And while the club won’t be winning many games next year, there will be some big shoes to fill at the Centre Vidéotron. Will Louis Robitaille and Serge Beausoleil, two currently unemployed QMJHL field hockey men, be candidates?

Possibly, yes. After all, it’s going to take a big name to replace Le Roy de Québec…

In brief

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– Good column.

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– Cole Caufield wants to be part of the solution. [JdeM]

– This isn’t sports-related, but good luck to those who are in limbo because of the fires in Quebec.

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