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“Everyone, just f***ing breathe” – Paul Maurice after the match
The Stanley Cup Final promises much.

With such a good first game last night, we can only expect this kind of spectacle for the rest of the series.

It was an excellent game between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights, ultimately won by the Golden Knights 5-2.

The game remained tight for 60 minutes, although Vegas took a two-goal lead at one point in the third period.

Neither team seemed to be dominated at any point in the game, truly demonstrating that both teams are at the same level.

So, even though the Panthers lost, they can be very satisfied with their performance and tell themselves that this series is very far from over.

It’s only one game out of a possible seven, after all.

So there’s no point in panicking right now, especially not after such a good game from both teams.

Well, that’s exactly what Panthers head coach Paul Maurice told reporters yesterday.

You’d think you’d hear a Hollywood actor being interviewed, but no, it’s just Paul Maurice making a spectacle of himself at a press conference.

Maurice seemed to sense a certain tension among the journalists due to the defeat in match number one.

The questions were along those lines, as if there was some panic, so Maurice made a point of pointing out that his team had lost Game One to the Boston Bruins in the first round.

The Panthers coach explained that this defeat made his team better, and that the two straight losses later in the series to the Bruins also made his team better.

After those same two losses to Boston, the Panthers lost just once in 12 games.

That was in Game 4 against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the second round.

So, as Paul Maurice so aptly put it:

“Everyone, just f***ing breathe”.

And in my opinion, he’s absolutely right. Why panic and feel sorry for yourself after ONE loss in a 4-of-7 series?

The Panthers played a strong game, and they were in it for over 45 minutes.

No need to be tense and stressed after this defeat, which was far from a thaw.

In short, I think Maurice did a really good job of acting that way in front of the media in order to convey this way of thinking to his players for the rest of the series.

The Panthers’ players were frustrated at the end of the game, and seemed to have lost some of their composure and confidence.

In fact, Jonathan Marchessault said the Panthers players were “just goofing off” at the end of the game.

Marchessault added that his team was disciplined, so they weren’t going to get involved in the Panthers’ game, which meant disturbing them after the whistle.

“We’re going to win the right way.” – Jonathan Marchessault

Anyway, to get back to Maurice’s speech, I think it will be very beneficial to the Panthers players to calm them down and remind them that the series is still long.

They don’t need to panic and be tense right now.

They’ve overcome a lot along the way, and they’re confident in the team.

In any case, I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.

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