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The Stanley Cup is not expected to go to Russia this summer

It’s now been over a year since Russia launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine. The two countries have been at war for some fifteen months, and a resolution of the conflict unfortunately does not seem imminent.

And considering the large proportion of Russian players in the NHL, the league is juggling a thorny issue. It doesn’t want to ban players for obvious reasons, but it wanted to find a way to dissociate itself from the whole thing.

That’s why the NHL has cut all economic ties with the KHL, and is also preventing Russian players from bringing the Stanley Cup back to their home country. That was the case last year, at least.

And it looks like it will be the case again this summer. No matter who wins the Cup, a Russian player (Sergei Bobrovsky for the Panthers, Ivan Barbashev for the Golden Knights) should not be able to bring the trophy back to his home country.

At least, that’s what they expect.

The USA Today article states that the NHL’s policy about not bringing the Cup to Russia is still in effect, and while Bobrovsky seems to be very focused on the series, Barbashev is a little more aware of the situation:

I don’t think the Cup will go to Russia because it didn’t last year. I can’t do anything about it, so I try not to think about it. – Ivan Barbashev

In reality, it’s a bit of a shame for the guys, who won’t have the chance to bring the trophy back to their neck of the woods. Barbashev at least had the chance when he won it in 2019 with the Blues, but Bobrovsky has never won the trophy before.

At the same time, we understand the NHL’s desire to act in a certain way in this matter. It’s just a shame that the players are collateral victims.

In short, barring a huge surprise, don’t expect to see the Stanley Cup in Russia this summer. Here’s the word from the two Russian players still in contention for the trophy.

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