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Kyle Dubas would have refused to join the Penguins, believes Frank Seravalli

For the past week, it’s been impossible not to link the Pittsburgh Penguins to Kyle Dubas. He was already a household name when he was with the Maple Leafs… and it’s even worse now that he’s been fired.

The general feeling is that the Penguins expect him to accept the DG position.

But does that absolutely mean it’s going to happen? Does it absolutely mean that Kyle Dubas will jump in with his eyes closed? Not necessarily, no.

In today’s edition of the 32 Thoughts podcast, Elliotte Friedman talked it over with his sidekick Jeff Marek. Which resort? Maybe other teams are in the mix.

Of course, with the Maple Leafs (his old club, anyway) set to name Brad Treliving, there’s no other opening in the NHL.

But what Friedman hears, without being willing to put his hand to the fire on the subject, is that some teams might want to get their hands on the executive as a long-term addition and not as GM.

Does that mean in a different, tailor-made role? Could it be in a role where he wouldn’t necessarily be GM or President? Could it be in Ottawa, a club often linked to Dubas?

It’s impossible to say.

But what we can say is that the file is quite complex. That’s why contrary information is circulating about the former Toronto Maple Leafs GM.

In fact, according to Frank Seravalli, who is also well connected, it’s possible to believe that Dubas would have refused to join the Penguins.

He’s not sure enough about it to go to bat with it, but he’s sure enough to talk about it publicly in the conditional tense, which means a lot right now in the file.

After all, he doesn’t talk for nothing.

According to the tipster, the Penguins have started talking again to men who interviewed before Kyle Dubas made his way into the process, which may suggest that yes, Dubas has decided to move on.

Does this mean Mathieu Darche could be named GM? That remains to be seen.

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