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All signs point to Kyle Dubas being hired by Pittsburgh

It’s often said that the world of professional field hockey is small and difficult to break into. The Kyle Dubas situation once again confirms this ideology, as things are rapidly becoming clearer.

Less than a week after seeing his stint in Toronto come to an abrupt end, Dubas is reportedly very close to accepting a position in Pittsburgh.

SNDP’s Chris Johnston told the site’s podcast that, according to what he hears from his sources, there’s a 98% chance Dubas will receive an offer from the Penguins. Johnston, for his part, doesn’t put his percentage quite so high, but believes that the odds are in his favor.

That’s huge considering what he said less than two weeks ago in a press conference. How quickly things changed in Dubas’ mind.

Let’s not forget that he told reporters that he couldn’t see himself in the NHL anywhere but Toronto, and that a possible return would depend on the opinion of his family, which has seen it all in recent years.

In short, he went from thinking about taking time for his family to a possible position in Pittsburgh.

However, I share Johnston’s view of the situation. The situation Dubas described in his press conference is not what happened.

He couldn’t make a decision, Shanahan told him not to come back, which is quite different.

Dubas recently met with Penguins players in Pittsburgh and the plan is clear. Take advantage of the last good years of Crosby, Malkin and Letang and win immediately.

With the kind of acquisitions Dubas has made this spring, the fit could be right with the Penguins.

One has to wonder what will happen with Matthieu Darche, who made a good first impression in the first round of interviews. Could he be named GM if Dubas is named team president? We’ll have to keep an eye on that, but it’s clear that the situation is evolving rapidly.

In brief

– Interesting stuff.

– How things evolve.

– Dallas hangs on.

He’s special.

– Who would have thought.

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