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Penguins, Senators and baseball: everything is on the table for Kyle Dubas

As you know, things aren’t going well for the Maple Leafs at the moment. The departure of Kyle Dubas has really changed a lot of things within the Queen City organization.

It’s fair to wonder what’s next for the Leafs, but it’s especially fair to wonder what’s next for the man himself. And the subject came up again on Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek’s 32 Thoughts podcast.

As you know, at the moment, only the Maple Leafs and Penguins are looking for a GM. For obvious reasons, Dubas is not in the running for the Toronto job.

Unless he wants to wait for the Ottawa job to open up one day, it would seem that seeing him in Pittsburgh would be a real possibility. The rumour refuses to die.

And it won’t just yet, given that the Penguins have the OK to talk to him.

By the way, for those who say that Dubas said he had no intention of being GM anywhere but Toronto in 2023-2024, remember that he said that before he was fired. That’s a game-changer.

All this to say that, according to Friedman, the Penguins were on the verge of making a decision on the field hockey boss, but the news from Toronto changed the game. Could he get the keys to the organization? Possibly.

If he wants to run the club, I have a feeling that the Pittsburgh bosses (Fenway Group) are going to want a young guy like him. But for that, I think he should be president of field hockey operations, not GM.

Friedman believes that the Penguins might not appoint a president, but rather a field hockey boss. That way, if the club needs to protect an employee, it promotes the field hockey boss to president and the employee in question to GM.

That’s a scenario on the table right now.

However, we’ll have to see how Dubas likes it, as he doesn’t have to accept a job this week. He can wait for another position (like Ottawa) or he can do what he wants.

Which way?

Jeff Marek spoke to someone who wouldn’t be completely surprised to see him go another way altogether. How about this? He cited the MLB path with the Boston Red Sox since the Fenway Group likes him.

While I think he’ll get the job in Pittsburgh eventually, hold off on sending him links to houses for sale in Pennsylvania.

In a row

– Ouch.

– He’s not the player he was in Toronto, let’s say.

– Normal.

– Why isn’t William Nylander at the World Championship? [Marker]

– Um…

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