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Lane Hutson earns rave reviews at World Championship

Over the past year, Lane Hutson has attracted a lot of attention in the field hockey world. The defenseman, who fell to the bottom of the second round of the draft due to his small stature, is coming off a historic NCAA season (48 points in 39 games for a first-year defenseman) and is seen as one of Montreal’s top prospects.

Aside from Juraj Slafkovský (and probably the player who will be drafted fifth overall in just over a month), he’s probably the organization’s best prospect.

And even if he’s not perfect, he draws praise wherever he goes. That was the case during his NCAA season, and for the past few days, it’s also been the case at the World Championships, as he represents the United States.

His coach there, David Quinn, speaks of the CH prospect as a dynamic youngster who is quickly learning how to adapt his game to a higher level. That said, even though he won’t have him under his tutelage for long, Quinn wants to try and take him to another level:

We’ve discussed the fact that he’ll have to create offense differently at this level, notably by moving the puck around more. However, when he has the puck on his stick, good things happen. – David Quinn, on Lane Hutson

Those are good words from his coach, who sees Hutson as a young player with a ton of potential. He’s right that the defenseman will need to adjust the way he creates offense when playing against NHL-caliber players (which he’s doing to some extent now), but he’s so creative that he’s already finding ways to stand out.

After all, he already has one goal and four points in four games. Not bad for a 19-year-old playing against NHLers for the first time in his career.

And it’s not just his coach who likes what he sees in the CH prospect’s game. Matt Coronato, a Flames prospect who has played with Sean Farrell in recent years, also had flowers for young Hutson:

He’s definitely a special player. He’s got a ton of talent. His offensive instincts are some of the best I’ve ever seen. – Matt Coronato, on Lane Hutson

Coronato is impressed that Hutson is so good at “fooling” opponents with his skating, his hands and his eyes, making him a very complete player.

Clearly, he’s appreciated by the American team.

It won’t be long before the little defenseman comes to energize the blue line in Montreal. He still has (at least) a year’s development left in the NCAA, and might even take some time out in Laval to hone his game against professional players.

That said, his potential is undeniable, and we’re seeing it clearly at this World Championship. I’m looking forward to following him from now until the end of the tournament, in any case.

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