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Alex Pietrangelo accuses Oilers of premeditated attacks on his players

Every Stanley Cup playoff series, whether it’s a first-round series or the final, is always a trench battle.

The intensity is at its highest between two teams who play each other for a minimum of four games in a row and a maximum of seven.

The two teams quickly end up hating each other’s faces in a series.

The dirty tricks, the taunts and the heavy checking become more and more regular as the series progresses.

Especially when it’s a series between two teams who already hated each other during the regular season.

This is currently the case between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s a very tight series between two good field hockey teams, so the intensity is high in every game.

And that intensity can be expressed through dirty tricks and attempts to injure opposing players.

A case in point came towards the end of Game 4, when Alex Pietrangelo took a swing at Leon Draisaitl with his stick.

This is a dirty trick whose sole purpose is to hurt your opponent.

You could even say it’s an axe strike.

Everyone expected Pietrangelo to be suspended for at least two games, but in the end he was suspended for just one, as was Darnell Nurse.

Pietrangelo will be back in action tonight for Game 6, and on the sidelines, Pietrangelo had this to say.

The Golden Knights’ number 7 can be heard complaining about premeditated attacks by Oilers players on Golden Knights players.

Pietrangelo insinuates that Oilers players have been trying to injure Knights players since the start of the series.

He also claims to have complained to the NHL at his meeting about his suspension, but that the league didn’t seem to take it seriously.

Pretty crazy statement coming from the guy who committed the most obvious premeditated act in this series.

I’m not saying the Oilers don’t make dirty hits, but let’s just say Pietrangelo is in no position to talk right now.

I can’t wait to see how Game 6 unfolds in Edmonton tonight at 10pm.

It’s sure to be a bumpy ride.

In a gust

– A crucial game tonight in Edmonton.

– He should be back.

– A big win for Montreal CF. That makes six in a row, including four in MLS.

– Here’s the first goal of the match.

– Good for him and the Red Sox.

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